What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate?

Do you know if you have any capital gains?  Do you know what capital gains are?  Capital gains aren’t just profit on stock sales.  Capital gains are any profit you make from selling capital.  Capital can be your home, a stamp collection, that antique velvet sofa you own, or any property you own personally.  Just […]

What’s Your REAL Tax Rate?

Next time you’re pondering your existence and wondering where all your money goes, it can be useful to know how much goes to the IRS.  You can easily figure out your IRS tax bracket by taking your annual taxable income and consulting the 2013 IRS tax brackets.  Find your income and match it to the […]

IRS Tax Brackets

Did you know that different IRS tax brackets affect how your dividends are taxed?  If you have Qualified dividends or capital gains, knowing which of the IRS tax brackets you belong to can help you plan your investments.  That’s because your tax bracket determines what rate you’ll be paying on those dividends or capital gains. […]